Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Quick One

The sunsets have been spectacular lately. But now that daylight savings is over, I do not leave work in time to be able to catch them. About 515p I walk to the other side of the the 6ft row of cubicles in my office and stare out the glass window that go all the way across the back of the room and curse that I am not on the river or up the valley wall in time to get a good shot. As I was leaving the office tonight I leaned out the narrow back balcony and grabbed this quick one. The colors had already faded at that point. This shot has not been photoshopped, altered or enhanced in any way.


Katney said...

You have some ownderful images.

Sally said...

Really really nice.
Thanks for visiting my Sky Watch Friday. Sydney Daily Photo

Jim said...

I am leaving work after the sun is down also, I dont like it. Your picture is nice. Nice SWF.