Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Obama Bus !

At work this morning at about 9:30a my coworker came breathless and excited
into the building saying "Come see the Obama Bus!" So I walked to the street behind our building to the smog station where the Obama bus was being smoged. It was fantastic. very bright and psychedelic. Notice the red ring on the top. It is a giant peace sign that stands up. The top of the bus is actually two Volkswagen vans that were gutted and placed into the top. We all marveled at it and of course I was the only one with a camera. Some of my older coworkers were trippin'. I think they were having flashbacks to their younger days in the 60's. Their summer of love, Height Ashbery and wearing flowers in their hair. It was groovy. Peace man!

The side had pictures of burning man, Jimmy Hendricks, Forest Nymphs and planets.

The front looked like some sort of Mutant Ninja Turtle.


Barbara said...

Hi Napa! That is a great bus photo. Cheers from West Sacramento Photo of the Day

raf said...

It does bring flashbacks alright and it's a good thing. Super post today, KT! It is, indeed, a new day!