Friday, January 2, 2009

January Theme: Best of 2008

O.K. I am late but wanted to share some of what I consider my best efforts for 2008. You have not seen these photos before because I never post my sailing photos on Napa Daily Photos because they are not of Napa. But I really liked the photo below and want to know that you guys think. I was sailing in July and had only brought my long lens on the boat. We left Alameda and sailed to the other side of the bay and I snapped this just as we were approaching the San Francisco Bay Bridge. That is San Francsico in the background. Hope you have a great 2009 and thanks to everyone who stops by my blog. Especially those who leave comments!

Below is my other favorite one. Once again the view is from a sailboat. The cloud formation is one that you probably will never see. We had just watched the blue angels airforce team fly overhead as part of the fleet week festivities. The squiggley clouds are the vapor trails from the jets.

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Walker said...

Two great pictures.

Al said...


Brings back many memories...

Kim said...


raf said...

Two excellent shots of the city's bridges! Would not have noticed those "clouds" were vapor trails until you pointed it out.

All the best of the New Year to you and yours, KT!
Looking forward to many stops this year at NDP!