Friday, October 10, 2008

Downtown Napa

This is an example of the typical type of building found in downtown Napa. Many of the buildings are from the late 19th century. The store on the corner beneath the red awnings is the Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company. The inside looks like a old time general store with wood plank floors and brick walls. This is called the Winship building and dates from 1888.
To quote the local historic society "The style is typical of late 19th Century commercial architecture, a two-story Italianate Victorian built of brick with a cast iron and glass storefront". Notice that time must stand still here for there are no hands on the face of the clock on the turret.


Barbara said...

Hi Napa! I just discovered your photoblog. Hello from West Sacramento Photo.

Tash said...

I remember this street corner. Was up there for work at Travis AFB & got a chance to drive around and eat at Julia's Kitchen. Great time.